FEMnation Podcast

HotSeat - Dealing with trauma and other hang-ups from your business.

March 19, 2020

Our anonymous guest in today’s HotSeat will share where she is at in her business today, the hang-ups and the common things she has gone through. Her experiences teach us that having clarity at the moment is just one of the pieces of moving the business forward.

What you’ll learn:

  • The status of her business, the hang-up she is experiencing and how she’s perceiving it.
  • Do her ideal clients embody the same values that she has regarding cannabis.
  • Handling a paid group that are her ideal clients.
  • The big and scary things that she experiences in front running cannabis in the women’s health world.
  • Working on healing her trauma.
  • Things that may trigger her trauma.
  • Steps in overcoming naysayers.
  • Letting go of the stigma in her mind.
  • The reason why she needs to stand in authority in what she knows.
  • Her steps into owning her authority.
  • Tips for starting a podcast.