FEMnation Podcast

Gretchen Fox AND Kat Eves - Building a transparent and values based business that runs on great culture.

November 25, 2019

I am so happy to bring you this beautiful interview with Gretchen Fox, CEO and Founder of the MTO Agency, and Kat Eves, Senior Brand Strategist for MTO and Personal Celebrity Stylist. I can’t wait for you to hear our interesting chat which revolved around great business culture and how working as an employee and having a business at the same time can be possible.

What You’ll Learn About:

  • How they became entrepreneurs.
  • The importance of good culture in a business.
  • The evolving world of business culture.
  • Being open to changes, especially in corporates, on your business culture.
  • People being pushed to entrepreneurship because of burnout at work
  • Continuously investing in your business financially to grow your business and build a sustainable platform for the next phase.
  • How the MTO culture was created.
  • Kat’s experience on a great company culture.
  • Bringing values and transparency as vehicles that should be driven forward in a business.
  • Their definition of success in their entrepreneurial journey
  • The beauty of Kat’s journey as an employee and entrepreneur at the same time.