FEMnation Podcast

Melissa Pruitt - Helping Entrepreneurs Transform Their Instagram Accounts

December 2, 2019

My wonderful guest, Melissa Pruitt, is the go-getter creator of Instaposts. We all know how important social media is, including Instagram, for most businesses and entrepreneurs today to share their message; and this is where Melissa’s expertise on helping entrepreneurs with Instagram comes in. 


What you’ll learn about:

  • The story of how Melissa’s entrepreneurial journey started.
  • Melissa tells us more about Instaposts and where she is in her journey.
  • One thing she knows now that she wished she knew when she started.
  • Her definition of success in the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Overcoming her most vulnerable struggle as an entrepreneur.
  • The services offered by Instaposts.
  • How the entrepreneurial journey has changed Melissa.
  • Her goals for the future.
  • One thing about Instagram that Melissa wants to share to entrepreneurs.