FEMnation Podcast

Monica Frederick - Uncovering Yourself From Society’s Expectations

April 21, 2020

My awesome guest in this episode is Monica Frederick, a life coach for corporate career women. Monica helps women uncover themselves - find out who they are, identify their goals and help them achieve their dream to live fulfilling lives. She is such an expert in this area and I highly recommend it for women who are working in corporate who want to find themselves in this journey called life.

What you’ll learn:

  • Monica’s entrepreneurial journey.
  • Her process of identifying who she was.
  • Pivotal moment into being able to identify herself internally.
  • The issue of identifying internally versus externally.
  • Uncovering yourself from society’s expectations.
  • How Monica helps corporate women.
  • Her entrepreneurial journey and how it parallels the work that she does.
  • Takeaway for building self awareness.