FEMnation Podcast

Alison Mountford - Creating a Positive Impact on People and the Environment One Meal at a Time

October 2, 2019

Founder and Head Chef of Ends and Stems, Alison Mountford tells us about her journey to building a business that not only serves people but also cares for the environment. Learn about what she has gone through to create a successful business that gives back.


What You’ll Learn About:

  • Alison tells us about her journey to becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Her favorite things about entrepreneurship.
  • One element she had to overcome to be able to continue moving forward.
  • The effect bootstrapping as a backbone of her business.
  • The idea that women who bootstrap may be undervaluing the fact that they have a business.
  • The disconnect of old and new age of entrepreneurs.
  • Alison tells us about Ends and Stems and how it aims to help the environment.
  • The ripple effect of the positive impacts we make for the environment.