FEMnation Podcast

Marjorie Wallwey - A Self-Described Multi-Preneur In Her Own Right

November 20, 2019

I am so grateful to bring in Marjorie Wallwey and interview her in our episode today. Marjorie is a self-described multi-preneur whose goal is to help women in business, particularly small businesses, be confident, bold, and rise up in whatever field of business they are in. This was an interesting chat because we discussed how our time right now, is such an exciting time for women entrepreneurs to get to their future faster with all the available resources we have in our reach.

What You’ll Learn About:

  • The story of how she became an entrepreneur and how her journey started.
  • The progression of her experience working for herself.
  • Being able to take care of her mom and son while working on a job that she enjoyed.
  • Working flexibility as the wave of the future for entrepreneurs.
  • Her process of helping women develop their confidence on themselves, their ideas and and businesses.
  • Helping women get through information overwhelm by knowing what they need at the right amount.
  • The role of story-telling in learning.
  • Her definition of success as an entrepreneur.
  • The biggest struggles she overcame as an entrepreneur.
  • One accomplishment she is proud of in her entrepreneurial journey.
  • How the entrepreneurial journey has changed her.
  • How your words create your reality.
  • Learning to step past saying “not yet.”
  • An interesting time for women entrepreneurs.