FEMnation Podcast

Episode 119: Meredith Viguers - Mpowering Yourself as a Woman and Business Owner

July 28, 2020

Being a woman in the world of business is no small feat. In this episode Meredith Viguers talks about the realities of owning a business and moving through struggles as a woman. Meredith is the owner of Let Us Do The Cooking and Mpowered You Consulting Business. She is a certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer and coach. Not only does she share her inspiring entrepreneurial journey, but she also willingly opens up about the struggles she went through and how she came out of these better and more empowered.



What you’ll learn:

  • The start of Meredith’s entrepreneurial journey.
  • Sharing what she does now and how it has morphed over her entrepreneurial journey.
  • The hardest struggle she has overcome.
  • Strength she drew in to go through her journey despite struggles.
  • Working towards materializing outcomes at the wrong time.
  • The difference of stepping through versus pushing through for herself.
  • Helping other businesses through her consulting company.
  • Working on the business versus working in the business.
  • Her definition of success.
  • Having goals that are strategically sound.
  • Surviving through struggles.
  • How the entrepreneurial journey has changed her.


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